Light you some incense, dim your lights and soak in the socially conscious yet soothing music of Serene Rivers…

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Serene Rivers is often praised for her serene nature and she is able to transmit this serenity to her listeners through her music. She is a Priestess of Sacred Feminine Mysteries and she uses her music as a healing tool. Her music videos have been featured on public television and she has gotten over 100,000 views and hundreds of shares of her music videos online.

Her music is lyrically powerful. She holds nothing back in addressing many of the worlds problems as she sees them. You will enjoy many tribal drums and other indigenous instrumentation in her music.Some songs you can burn your incense and relax to, others are songs you can use to aid you in meditation.

Right now she is gifting you with a free download of her single “For Healing” and also a meditative song called “Wait”.

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