Serene Rivers Mermaid


My life journey thus far…

“My music is a mixture of prayers, social commentary and mundane life experiences.”

Her greatest musical inspiration is Tracey Chapman. She loves writing and singing songs that go deeper than the relationship woes most popular songs seem to be about. She uses her music to empower and inspire Earth Keepers to stand up to systems and practices that are damaging the Earth and damaging the human spirit.

She tries to channel the angelic realm when she writes and sings. She has been told by others that it seems like heaven comes down to earth when she sings. Many of her songs would probably be inappropriate to sing in most churches though. She also doesn’t think its profane to drip-drop the sexy as needed.

She currently lives in Oakland, CA. She is a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse by day and a songwriting- singing mermaid by night. She is currently working on an album called Outrage. This album is an expression of the dark emotions humanity is currently holding onto that need to be expressed and transcended.